About Ntrak

NTRAK is an international volunteer organization. Its purpose and objective is to encourage model railroading in N-scale. Started in 1973 by a group of enthusiastic model railroaders in California, NTRAK established standards for modular railroading.

NTRAK modules are used to build large display layouts. Modelers from all over the world can bring their modules to a show, connect with others and construct a giant N scale layout.

While designed for large public display layouts, NTRAK modules are being used for home and club layouts. For the modeler, NTRAK modules offer a number of advantages over a fixed layout. We are such a mobile society and the modules make it very easy to move a layout from one home to the next without destroying all the work that went into it. Our smaller homes, apartments, and mobile homes all lend themselves to N scale layouts.

Module construction is easy. It has the distinct advantage of being much more manageble than building a fixed layout.  See our modules page for information on LaNTrak module specifications.